1. New LED Lens HighBay - Eco
    New LED Lens HighBay - Eco
    Call for more details Starting at $149.00
  2. Cooper LED High Bay
    Cooper LED High Bay
    Call for more details
  3. LED Flat Panel Lay Ins
    LED Flat Panel Lay Ins
    Call for more details, 2x2 and 2x4 Flat LED Panels starting at just $69.00
  4. LED Recessed Retro Fits
    LED Recessed Retro Fits
    Available in 4", 5", 6" 2700k - 4100k color and 650 lm - 1200lm Starting at $11.99
  5. Dedicated LED Recessed Cans
    Dedicated LED Recessed Cans
    Avail in many variations, Call today !!!
  6. LED Track Kit
    LED Track Kit
    Fully Integrated LED track kits for any application. Hundreds to choose from.
  7. Flexible Rail Lighting
    Flexible Rail Lighting
    Flexible Rail allows for any layout and custom feel. Choose from Hundreds of different style heads and pendants, also in LED. Call today for best pricing!!!
  8. Street Lighting in LED
    Street Lighting in LED
    We carry over 30 brands of Street Lighting for every customer and every design application. Call today for Layouts and Details.
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